About Szczecin

Szczecin is more than 400 thousandth metropolis, located in the centre of historical, cross-border region of Pomerania. This city is full of ubiquitous greenery, it is a place where history intertwines with the present, where different styles, artistic trends meet and business and science combine.

In addition to its great location Szczecin is also characterized by the extraordinary natural conditions. The landscape of the city is a conglomerate of islands, channels, beaches and bays. You can sail on the river, a lake and lagoon here. There are many places worth seeing like Chrobry Embankments, Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Art Nouveau buildings and the Oder Boulevards. You can find here a lot of places worthy of attention, fascinating and making people fall in love with the City with all their hearts. Come to Szczecin and let yourself be enchanted.  


Symbol of the city

In 1980, on Jana Pawła II Avenue, also known as Fountain Avenue, a sculpture of a sailor was unveiled. It took Ryszard Chachulski nine months to create the statue and it immediately became one of the most distinctive and best-loved symbols of Szczecin. Made of copper, with graining and welding, the sailor stands 5 metres tall. Standing at the helm, his legs wide apart, he is dressed in a sailor’s shirt and long bell-bottomed trousers. Much loved by Szczecin’s residents, the statue has a very important role to play during various sailing events. When the Tall Ships Races begin at the Chrobry Embankments, and a host of impressive ships come here to dock, the sailor is attired in a sailors’ suit sporting the city’s colours. His function is to greet tourists and residents alike, as they arrive by the banks to take part in this grand sailing event.

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