European Championship Men

EUROVOLLEY POLAND 2017 will be the 30th edition of men’s Volleyball championship of the Old Continent.

The first Men’s Volleyball European Championship was played in 1948, with Italy as the host. The participation was modest – with only six national teams taking part in the tournament, but the most important message was that Volleyball is coming back to life after the unrest of war. Czechoslovakia was crowned as the first Champion of Europe.

Successive championships were held on an irregular basis and the number of their participants varied depending on the number of applications. Different formulas and for selection of teams were in use. In the 1950’s the competitors for the European Champions’ title included players from Tunisia and Egypt. With each edition the number of participants grew and an introduction of a qualification process for the final round became a necessity.

With the establishment of the European Volleyball Confederation in 1963 began the process of organizing the rules of participation in European Volleyball.

From the 4th (1963) to 9th (1975) edition the European Championship finals were held on  a quadrennial basis. The 10th edition of 1977 set the biennial rule, effective to this day.

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